Ebay's Dedication to Innovation


How far would you go to keep your customers and clients happy? Ebay’s recent announcement that they are dropping Paypal as their payment processor – the company which they owned and bought for $1.2 Billion, came as a shock to many; but not us here in Oathello.

We understand how important it is to have smooth processes which keep your customers and clients happy. Ebay’s decision reflects the competitive environment they are operating in and the measures they are willing to take to reduce merchant frustration. With the new provider, Ebay merchants and their customers can now interact with a speed and ease that was never possible with Paypal.

At Oathello, we believe there is always room for innovation. Our 3PVerify products enable client and merchant onboarding – 1000x times faster – with a setup time that takes minutes and no legacy integrations.

Lawyers in our network use cutting edge technology to provide a seamless client experience, getting onboarding and business underway faster and more securely.

If you are a business that wishes to speed up its KYC and onboarding processes, please get in contact here.

We believe the best lawyers will join us on this journey as we bring the benefits of cutting-edge technology to the whole system. If you are a lawyer that would like to be part of this revolution in KYC, please join our waitlist.

Matthew Moore