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Hello, I am Jennifer, founder at Oathello.

I started the business in 2016 to tackle the monumental pain point of booking notary services and getting documents certified.

I discovered the problem when I was practising law In Ireland and often needed to book appointments with a third-party solicitor or notary to verify documents. This is where I realised that the whole booking process is firmly stuck in the stone ages.

I was forced to search through Google, legal directories or make multiple phone calls and emails to secure a booking. I then had to travel to the solicitor or notary with my client, while stopping by the cash machine on the way. Unfortunately, this is an everyday problem for solicitors that wastes a lot of time and leads to huge delays!

Whether you’re an international student applying for a Visa application or large law firm closing a deal, Oathello can connect you with nearby solicitors and notaries so you can get the job done in minutes. An instant payments platform means no more petty cash and provides a clear digitised audit trail. I hope you like it!  

Jennifer Hourihane (CEO & Founder)