Reduce transactional delay from 6 weeks to live.

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Digital Notarisation of Commercial and Corporate Proofs reducing delay associated with the process from +6 weeks to -1 hour.

Do you need corporate documents certified or notarised? Articles of Association, Annual Reports, Certificates of Incorporation, etc..

Submit your request online and have an independently verified copy returned to you by email in hours, not days or weeks. 

A leading Global Payments Provider used our platform to get merchant documentation legally notarised in 32 minutes rather than the weeks that it usually took them.

Whether your need is a one off or part of a much larger, repeatable business process. We'd love to hear from you. 


Digital Passport certification combining leading technology with the Oathello database to legally certify passports in minutes.

Do you need passports or other forms of ID legally certified? You could be on-boarding new clients, recruiting new employees or just need this as part of day to day business. 

Our platform has been used for the on-boarding of international clients to Top-Tier London Law Firm in -15 minutes, accelerating compliant on-boarding time to live

Now you can submit a request online in 5 minutes and receive a certified copy to your email in hours, not days or weeks. 

Plus there’s more - we not only certify, we verify. Our software runs thousands of checks on the status and biometrics of the presenter and document, in seconds.

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Combined e-signing and witnessing solution for digital execution of documents including countersigning and execution of documents that require a third-party witness.

Do you need a combined e-signing and witnessing solution for digital execution of documents that require a third-party witness? Or perhaps an e-signing solution with the most advanced and legal methods of facilitating electronic witnessing?

Our platform turns signing and witnessing from a drawn out, time consuming affair, to LIVE.

We have worked with some of the worlds leading legal and financial institutions and accelerated how they way they commence and continue business.


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