Oathello is the fastest way to get documents notarised, witnessed or certified


Are you a customer?

Whether you are a business, an individual or a legal professional we have the solution that fits your needs.


For Businesses

Are you looking to speed up a business process?

This could be Client On-boarding, Client Verification (KYC), Recruitment, International Business or something else.


For Individuals

Do you need something certified or notarised? Are you wondering what this means and how to do this without wasting lots of precious time?

Then we are the place for you... 


Law Firms

Reduce complaints during client on-boarding by providing a simpler, 100% online process for client verification.

Get Certified Copies of ID documents within 24h.


Are you a Notary or Solicitor?

If you are a Notary or a Solicitor we'd love to hear from you too. 


You could be working with more clients and spending less time on each deal.