Paperwork is a huge barrier to the movement of money, debt, capital, assets and insurance premiums for your customers.

The complexity of this paperwork is justified - the delay is not.


Designed by leaders in Legal & Finance Oathello empowers your organisation to capture every document that your customers previously had to print and sign on paper, from the simplest of forms to the most complex of deeds.

Whether you are building new product natively, or need to take control of your customers’ journey with zero development work - we have a solution for you.

Oathello API empowers better product - in just a few lines of code.

Oathello Pro empowers better signing - in just a few minutes.

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Digital Notarisation of Commercial and Corporate Proofs reducing delay associated with the process from +6 weeks to -1 hour.


Digital certification of ID to legal and regulatory standards combining leading technology with the Oathello database to legally certify ID documents in minutes.


Bring paperwork 100% online.