‘‘In a world of online payments and banking, there is still an epidemic of paperwork’’

Payments and online banking has gotten to a place that is relevant for today's business and today's society. The paperwork that surrounds those processes hasn't caught up.

We've been working very hard for the last few years to create solutions for high ticket value documents, within the payments and finance system, so that the paperwork can come online.

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Win the customer on-boarding race

Dramatically improve your on-boarding & KYC timelines with our 3PVerify products, enabling you to digitally notarize & certify KYC documents.

Digital Notarisation of Commercial and Corporate Proofs reducing delay associated with the process from +6 weeks to -1 hour.

Articles of Association, Annual Reports, Certificates of Incorporation, UBO’s and associated proofs necessary for the commencement of compliant customer engagement and transacting.

Submit your request online and have an independently verified or notarized copy returned to you by email in hours, not days or weeks. 

Digital certification of ID to legal and regulatory standards combining leading technology with the Oathello database to legally certify ID documents in minutes.

Submit a request online and receive a certified copy to your email in hours, not days or weeks.

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Build Digital Products

You can't have a digital product without digital paperwork. Use our digital signing & witnessing tool to build fully digital products.

E-signature, witnessing and attestation for the proper online execution of deeds and documentation connected to the efficient functioning of the financial system.

We have worked with some of the worlds leading legal and financial institutions and accelerated the way they commence and continue business.

The most important documents in the financial system can be completed with Oathello sign, within the banks control.

We work with the high ticket value documents in the financial system to provide both signing & witnessing digitally.

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