At Oathello, we say NO...

to long delays & tedious paper work. 

Our solutions are 10x faster than the next best alternative


Corporate Documents 

Do you need corporate documents certified or notarised? Articles of Association, Annual Reports, Certificates of Incorporation, etc..

Submit your request online and have an independently verified copy returned to you by email in hours, not days or weeks. 

Whether this is a one off or part of a much larger, repeatable business process. We'd love to hear from you. 


Passport or ID Certification

Do you need passports or other forms of ID certified? You could be on-boarding new clients, recruiting new employees or just need this as part of day to day business. 

Now you can submit a request online in 5 minutes and receive a certified copy to your email in hours, not days or weeks. 

Our demo is exciting! Get in touch to see how the magic happens. 


Something Else?

We have a database of notaries and solicitors on call whenever you need them.  Easily book them using our online booking and payment. 

Download our app to start booking now or get in touch to see how you could set this up for your business. 


Please Note: We are building new solutions all the time so if you have something that you'd like our help with please get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 




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